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How to Become a More Organized Person

Simple Tips to Create Better Habits

The longer you wait to become an organized person, the more dissuaded you may become from starting. The sooner you start, the more work gets done and the more drive you will have to keep up with it. This applies even after you've started. If you have a list that is starting to pile up with tasks, it can cause you to see it as too much and stop completely. Taking on tasks as soon as they come makes lists look easy to manage.

Lady organizing bunch of pen

1. Start a List & Maintain it

Making a good to-do list can help when handling multiple tasks at one time. However, extremely organized people will write down everything they need to get done.

Here are some suggestions on what we do to stay in order:

  • Get a planner

  • Write it all down in a notebook

  • Keeping a small one with a pen at all times in my bag has worked out so well for me for many years

  • Write it all down on a whiteboard

  • Purchase a giant calendar to put important dates and reminders on there

  • Bullet journal

If being old school and using pen and paper isn't your style some apps you can use on your phone are:

  • Calendar

  • Reminders

  • Notes

  • Productive- Habit Tracker

  • Artful Agenda

  • Lists To Do

It can become difficult trying to only remember tasks, and while trying, it may hinder your workflow trying to keep tasks in mind. These are great ways to stay focused and on top of things!

a women writing a plan on her diary

2. Get rid of the useless mess

If you haven't touched and used something in the past 6 months, it's best to throw it out or sell it. It most likely has outlived its usefulness. People who enjoy organization won't have random useless objects stuck in drawers. Everything has a purpose and a place within your home.

Removing the waste from table

3. Don't multitask

Some say that multitasking is a commendable skill to have. Sure, it may be good to be able to handle multiple things at once, but how well are you truly handling your tasks? When you are focused on just completing one thing, you are bound to do it better than when you are focused on multiple things. You'll probably complete your tasks even faster if you are focusing on just one thing at a time as well.

busy women holding a baby and clothes while talking on phone

4. Find a system that truly works

The last thing you want to do is spend time on an organizational system that you will eventually ditch and won't stick to. Do something that you know will make your life easier. Rigorous things can cause your planning to become jumbled and eventually obsolete. Things like a crazy planning app or a big binder may not work for you, but they might work for others. Not everything is meant for everyone when it comes to planning your day.

ladies high five each other at comapny

5. Make a home for everything

Everything in your house should have a specified place to put it away. While it's fine to have a junk drawer or two, it shouldn't be commonplace. Clutter can cause a home to look chaotic. Things like cups and silverware should have their place within the kitchen drawers can cabinets. It is also a good idea to clear out junk drawers and put them back in the place they belong. Items that stay in the junk drawer are probably not useful anymore.

6. Start in the mornings

Waking up early in the morning and starting to organize immediately is a good way to make organizing a habit. Starting with things like making your bed in the morning and working on dirty dishes. These can set a good tone for the rest of the day. However, you never want to have to scramble in the morning to start working. Other things you can do to make your mornings more productive are cleaning countertops, wiping cabinets, and cleaning the floors.

girl stretching her hands for movement

7. Prioritize the important things

Start on the things that you might resent doing. There are going to be things on your list that you probably are not looking forward to doing. Get it done ASAP. Once it's done and completed, a weight will be lifted off your shoulders. This can range from a house repair you don't want to handle, to a work task that might be lengthy.

8. Simplify large tasks

Taking on large projects all at once can become extremely overwhelming and eventually make you too stressed to work. Stressing out can cause you to become unorganized in an attempt to lessen the workload. This works hand in hand with creating a task list. Create subsections for large tasks, splitting them into smaller, more do-able tasks. For example:

  • Make a list of groceries that we need

  • Check fridge and cabinet for food already owned

  • Go to the grocery store to get other items

This can make a big task look much smaller and easier to complete.

men building a stone on a beach

9. Planning Out

Take your calendar and list out everything you can see you need to do for the foreseeable future. Good organizers can plan out their entire week or even month. This allows you to make sure you have everything for the week, saving you multiple trips to the store for something you might need next week.


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