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How to Clean for a House Party

Make your guests feel at home

Planning a house party? Then you want to make sure that your house isn't a complete mess before your guests come around. While decorations and appetizers are something you can skip out on, having a clean party space is something you cannot skip when planning a big gathering. While you want a clean house, you may also have a busy household too. Starting to clean too early can make it so your house just gets messy again before the party. Planning a day or the day of the party to clean up can be beneficial to some. Here are some tips and advice for a clean house before the big party.

1. Tackle Those Messes

One of the first things you want to do before preparing for a party is cleaning any clutter or mess that may be taking up space in places you know your guests will be. While prioritizing rooms that are open to guests, it's always good to clean up even in rooms that guests might not be, in case someone wanders in. You don't have to put everything up where they are supposed to be. You can place things away in baskets temporarily.

A few places we suggest to go purchase baskets for your bathroom:

  • West Elm

  • Pottery Barn

  • World Market

  • Ikea

  • Container Store

The list goes on and on, but these are some great starts!

2. Wipe Down Your Counters

Cleaning countertops for your food is essential. Wiping down coffee tables, counters and tables helps relieve space for guests to put other items. Tables and counters tend to get dirty fast, however. Wiping down before and after is a simple 30-second task. While you are wiping down the countertops why not go ahead and use disinfecting wipes. It's like a 2 for 2 disinfecting while cleaning!

3. Clean the Bathroom

The bathrooms are going to probably be a frequently visited room within your home. It is going to be very important to clean those thoroughly. This goes for all bathrooms. It won't be very pretty when your guests have to use a dirty bathroom.

Here is the process I take when I am cleaning my bathroom:

  • Put the cleaner in the toilet and let it soak

  • Take everything off of the countertops

  • Wipe down everything and disinfect

  • Clean mirrors

  • Scrub the toilet

  • Throw all of the trash out

  • Put all of the toiletries back

  • Replenish toilet paper and hand soap

4. Don't Forget the Floors

Cleaning your floors matter! This doesn't mean that you need to deep clean your floors. However, it is good to sweep your floors before a party. There are so many things out there that can get in the way of your guests. From legos (Ouch! No one wants to step on these) down to dog hair are just a couple of things that make you realize it is important to clean the floor. Even though you spent hours preparing appetizers or a meal for your guests- don't forget to clean it up! Kitchen floors can get particularly dirty with food so a good sweep and vacuum after food prepping can make sure it doesn't affect your guest's experience.

Here are some items we like to use to keep our floors clean:

  • Roomba

  • Swiffer Wet Jet

  • Cordless vacuums

  • A Broom

5. Do Those Dishes

While it may be tempting to just hide away your dirty dishes in your dishwasher, don't! Trust me, you are going to thank me later for this one. Especially when the party is over there is no better feeling than being opening up an empty dishwasher and putting in the new dirty dishes. So yes, go ahead and do the dishes and start the dishwasher while you begin other tasks. Don't forget to unload the dishes right before the guests arrive allowing for a much easier clean-up at the end of the party. Doing this is a great idea because not only is it less clean-up time for you but more time to spend with your guests or get to bed after a great time!

6. Clean the Coat Closet

While every closet doesn't need attention, the main closet may. If guests are coming in with coats and jackets to an air-conditioned home, they are most likely to want to put them away somewhere. It is beneficial to just go ahead and clean that close so guests can use it as well. Also, this will be a great idea so that you have space to put your guests' shoes in. This will create less traffic in the entryway and no shoes will go missing!

7. What's that Smell

After all that cleaning and food prepping you want your home to smell fresh for your guests! The smell of your home can make a party so much better. No one wants to stay in a smelly area for long periods. Spraying something that smells good makes it seem you've cleaned for much longer than you probably have. Even doing it just before the party begins can be very beneficial.

Here are some suggestions on what will make your home smell welcoming:

  • Candles

  • Air diffusers

  • Wax Candles

  • Air fresheners

  • Room sprays

  • Fragrance diffusers


It's a lot to prepare for a party but that's the joy in it. All that hard work deserves some fun and your friends and family will notice all the effort you put in. You and your guests get to enjoy your freshly clean home and the delicious food you prepared! Now once the fun is over… time to clean up all over again!

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