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How to Fix the Different Shades of Green on Your Lawn

Reasons Why This Happens

Have you ever stepped outside and wondered why your lawn has multiple shades of green? Well, maybe you haven't but this will get you thinking about it! This will get you thinking that the grass literally greener on the other side and make you want to improve your yard.

It might not be the prettiest sight, but it is common for lawns to have varying shades of green throughout the yard. Most homeowners probably don't like the variation of green on their lawns and now maybe you are starting to think that you don't like the different shades of green look for your yard. Don't worry we are here to help!

Green lawn of a house

The Shades of Green

I was serious when I said not to worry because it is possible to fix your lawn! Before you go out and try to this this issue yourself, it is fundamental to understand why your lawn is the way that it is. Once you gain the knowledge, you can start to think of various ways to find a solution to this problem.

There can be many reasons why your lawn is different colors. It can often be a multitude of reasons as well. For my yard I have noticed that it is different in the front and backyard which is normal to see that change between the front lawn and the backyard. It can even be a different reason on the same lawn.

Now we will dive into some reasonings as why this might be happening in your yard!


Weeds are very common on lawns. Places like North Texas especially have this problem, and I can vouch for this because my front lawn is just pretty much all weeds! Before you try and go to fix it you need to learn that with the new lawn these weeds can grow sporadically and in clumps. This causes it to look like there are different shades of green on your lawn.

Plucking weed from ground of backyard

Various Grasses

It is common for a lot of lawns to have different types of grasses growing on their lawn such as:

  • Bermuda Grass

  • St. Augustine Grass

  • Zoysia Grass

Now that you know a few common types of grass that are in Texas this shows how the yard can look different because new homeowners sometimes add new grass to the already existing grass. Most homeowners do this because some grass may not be performing as well in certain areas of their lawn. This causes homeowners to buy a new type of grass and put it into their lawn, causing the change of color.

Misuse of Fertilization

Fertilization is a key part of making and keeping grass green since it provides essential nutrients. However, it can also be a problem. Improperly fertilized grass can cause it to be different shades of green. This is usually caused by fertilization not being properly spread evenly across the lawn. It is essential that a homeowner properly spread it out.

healthy soil of backyard

Quality of Soil

As mentioned before, previous homeowners could have used different grasses throughout their time at that home so that means your lawn may not have the same quality of soil throughout. There may be spots on your lawn that do not have the same quality as other areas. This can be seen if some grass is not as vibrant and alive as other grass in your lawn.

This mainly happens if a homeowner begins construction of something in their lawn. For example, if a swimming pool was added, places where the soil was removed and replaced with lower quality soil.


The irrigation of your land can also be a problem if it is not evenly distributed. Some areas may be receiving more water than other areas of your lawn. This causes lawns to be light green and other areas dark green. It is also a possibility that the irrigation system was not installed correctly.

Some ways to fix this problem could be by:

  1. Installing in-ground sprinklers

  2. Timing of watering the lawn

  3. Amount of water usage

  4. Use a water timer

Water sprinkle on grass of our garden


Drainage systems are also a cause of the problem. Drainage systems that are improperly installed can cause the water to not be properly drained and the soil will become waterlogged. This makes it so that oxygen and nutrients cannot get down towards the root zone.

Homeowners also may notice that their grass is different from their septic system areas. Bright green grass can be an indicator that it is time to investigate your system. A common issue that you can easily spot from a failing septic tank would be standing water or damp spots near it. Also, there can be bad odor coming from it and spongy grass over the area especially during dry weather.

Here are some tips on how you can fix your drainage problem:

  • Reduce watering schedule

  • Extend your downspout

  • Dig a creek bed

  • Install a French Drain or a Dry well


We understand that it can be frustrating to see your yard not all one shade of green. Luckily, different shades of green are something we all can avoid! Hopefully after reading this article, you have basic knowledge of why this happens and what you can do to prevent this from happening to your yard. Who knows maybe you can even share these tips you learned from this article with your neighbors and you all could have the best looking lawns all across the whole neighborhood!

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