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Maintaining a Clean Home with Baskets

Simple and easy solutions!

Too much clutter can get so overwhelming! One effective way of maintaining a clean home is by utilizing baskets. Baskets are great solutions to stay organized and provide an easy way to clean up clutter in your house. They can be cheap and provide easy storage for small items that take up space around your house. While baskets help in maintaining a clean home, it's important to strike a balance and avoid having too many baskets that end up taking up valuable space.

Not everyone's situation and home are the same. However, this article will help you manage your clutter while not overcrowding your house with baskets. With our tips and solutions, we hope that they can be helpful to you.

Cub board decluttered with boxes

Storage in Family Room

Homes with small children usually have a lot of clutter in the family rooms. Books, blankets, stuffed animals, and so on can be a nuisance to get through, especially if they're small. Baskets can help minimize this mess and allow you to neatly place them away. This will also come in handy when your child is having a meltdown and need their favorite stuffed animal!

Different sized baskets allow you to place them under things like your couch, allowing for them to be out of sight while still easily accessible. Some great places to purchase some of these baskets would be at:

  • Target

  • Pottery barn

  • Crate & Barrel

  • World Market

  • Amazon

  • Jo Ann stores

Baby Items and Dog Toys

Large toys can easily be placed away in tall laundry baskets. These slim and tall baskets allow you to place them away in corners, minimizing the space taken. Dog toys can also become a hassle to take care of, especially if they are strewn all about the house. You can also check out our other article on tips for dog toys!

Stands without drawers can also be a great place to store baby items. It reduces empty space in the stand and allows more space in the room itself. This method will also teach your little one organizational skills. For early readers, you could also put labels on each bin! If having shelves are not your style for your playroom, then baskets can work out great as well. This could even be tucked away easier to have less of a mess and make the room look more presentable.

organized working table in middle of the house


Clothes in your bedroom are something we all have faced. It may seem easier to just place them around, but baskets help reduce the mess and are an easy way to store dirty clothes. Placing your basket bedside can make it much easier to place clothes away. I also use multiple baskets to separate the type of clothing that I have. It is easier to have them sorted instead of all mixed together. Putting smaller containers in your dresser will help solve that problem. This also allows me to easily swap out my seasonal clothes when it is time to.

Having clothes organized and in their designated area is so helpful! It makes it easier to throw outfits together and creates more time to be able to do other things. This also helps me get out of the door faster because there are times when my favorite top is nowhere to be found!

Decluttered cub boards and baskets

Shoe Storage

Who doesn't love shoes?! As the years go on, you start to realize I have way too many shoes and needed to take action on properly storing them. The best spot to have a shoe basket is near the entry of your house let your place away shoes neatly, preventing you and others from tracking dirt into your home. They help as a good way to remind you to place away from your shoes as well. Having storage to put multiple bins will help you separate and organize different shoes for different occasions. This will be a great space so that visitors can put their shoes away too!

Just like swapping out my seasonal clothing, I also swap out my shoes a lot too. During this time of the year it is cold in the mornings and cooler at night and since I am always out in the yard having baskets is really useful to have a little bit of everything. Sometimes this makes me forget about shoes that end up at the bottom of the basket, so I suggest you try to clean it out every few months!

Laundry Room Storage

Detergent and other laundry necessities can take up a lot of valuable space for other items. Placing them on top of the laundry machine can be practical, but not pretty. Baskets help change this by allowing you to neatly keep all your things in a nice basket. This makes me be able to separate all the detergents, lint rollers, dryer sheets, dryer balls, and bleach with ease. Having them organized are also helpful for when guests need to use the laundry!

Cleaned wash area segregated with baskets

Basket Storage

Baskets shouldn't be seen as just something practical. They can very well be used for aesthetic purposes as well. Purchase baskets that fit and fit the style of the place you are putting them in. However, don't buy baskets for just the color, remember that you can always paint the basket to fit your needs. Wooden and wicker baskets are the best to stylize. More options will open up to you when you begin styling baskets yourself. Try not to fill baskets to the max as soon as you buy them, your baskets will soon be more full as you collect more things in them over time. Finally, try looking through multiple stores for baskets, even the ones that don't focus on household items and storage.


We understand that it can be frustrating to see your yard not all one shade of green. Luckily, different shades of green are something we all can avoid! Hopefully after reading this article, you have basic knowledge of why this happens and what you can do to prevent this from happening to your yard. Who knows maybe you can even share these tips you learned from this article with your neighbors and you all could have the best looking lawns all across the whole neighborhood!

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