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Mio Home Service:

Your Trusted Austin Property Management

We understand that maintaining your home can be a daunting task. From keeping your home clean to maintaining your lawn, pool, and tackling any handyman needs, it can quickly become overwhelming. At our company, we provide a range of home maintenance services to help you take care of your home.

Our services are designed to be flexible to your needs, offering both one-time and recurring options. Our team of experts is experienced, reliable, and equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to provide quality services. We pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing while delivering top-notch services.

Whether you need one-time services or recurring maintenance, we are here to help you. We work with you to develop a customized plan that meets your needs and budget.

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Comprehensive Property
Management Services in Austin
  • Lawn Care

  • Pool Cleaning

  • Pest Control

  • House Cleaning

  • Handyman


Make Your House a Home,
Not a Hassle


Mio Home Services is a comprehensive platform for homeowners seeking an efficient and convenient way to find and manage service providers like pest control and lawn care. Through an intuitive user interface, Mio helps homeowners:


  • Find reputable, reliable service providers

  • Schedule timely recurring or stand-alone services

  • Create and maintain a home service calendar

  • Receive invoices and send recurring or one-time payments

With this innovative technology, homeowners can keep track of one or more properties’ maintenance, repair, and improvements. Mio’s dashboard enables users to categorize their service needs by property, room, and appliance.

With a handy to-do list, service request form, and user management function, Mio provides users with an intuitive home operations hub.

Streamline your home services today.

How Our Intuitive
Home Assistant Works

As a trusted partner to homeowners, property investors, and rental companies, Mio vets its pest control, lawn care, house cleaning, and pool service providers with care.

Mio's intuitive technology enables clients to connect with service providers through a valuable, trusted network.

In order to maintain its valuable network of service providers, Mio implements a user-oriented approach by applying a $4.99 service transaction fee. Meanwhile, Mio seamlessly directs the customer's value directly to the vendor.

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